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Resources for Growth

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Right Now Media

Pinnacle Church’s library is now digital and gigantic! It contains over 10,000 discipleship videos for kids, youth, and adults. RightNow Media has been called the Netflix of video Bible studies. As a part of Pinnacle Church, you have free access to this amazing resource. All you need is a tablet, smartphone, computer or TV to begin streaming.

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Parent Cue App

Parents, Tired of all the apps for your kids on your phone but nothing for you? Navigating the teenage years and about to pull your hair out? Well we’ve got an app for you! Parent cue is filled with lots of awesome resources for every stage of growth for your child. It also has fun ideas on ways to connect. No matter if your kid is in the Treehouse, The Lab, or Pinnacle Students all their information and what they are learning is there for you access!

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The Bible App

Already installed on over 420 million unique devices all over the world, the Bible App offers a free Bible experience for smartphones, tablets, and online at The bible app offers  2,058 Bible versions in 1,372 languages for free, and without advertising.

The Bible App