Pinnacle Students

PC Students meets every Wednesday from 7-9pm.
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PCStudents is comprised of groups of students grades 6-12. It is an extension of our church’s small group environment aimed at reaching youth. We believe that in order for teenagers to go from where they are to where God wants them, there are three key elements to their growth: 

Wonder: Students need to know they were created to pursue an authentic relationship with their Creator. 

Discovery: Students need to know they belong to Jesus Christ and define who they are by what He says. 

Passion: Students need to know they exist every day to demonstrate God's love to a broken world 

With all this in mind, what does a typical night look like at PCStudents

Hang Time: This time is designed for students to meet with their friends, have some fun and just hang out! Students can play games inside or outside or just chill in the lounge area with friends. This is relational time with our adult leaders as well. It gives them the chance to build relationships with students that will help them grow in their walk with Christ. 

Large Group: During this time everyone joins together to play a fun group game, participate in worship, or hear a brief and relevant message designed to be followed up in a small group setting. 

Small Group: Small groups are the central focus of PCStudents. Students will be broken up into age appropriate peer groups in order to discuss the Big Idea presented during Large Group time. During small group, students have the opportunity to pray with one another and receive mentoring from their adult small group leaders who care about where they are in life. 

If you would like any more information about PC Students or have any questions, please email Walker Stamey